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MQ Management Portal

The MQ Web Management Portal focuses on the following core capabilities:

Remote Clinic Management:

In order to address the problem of effective remote monitoring and evaluation of the data captured at the clinics, the web management portal has the following role based capabilities:

  1. Management of the structured data sets that are used to capture the data itself.
  2. Private / health insurance rules management that ensures accurate billing at the clinic such as rapid test fees, medical procedure fees, general service fees, approved drug treatments.
  3. Master stock list management that links and / or aggregates the various supplier’s stock lists.
  4. Patient health record management which allows for anonymity and management thereof of the continuation of care record.
  5. Clinic registration.
  6. Clinic device assignment.
  7. Clinic stock management such as stock on hand, stock orders, invoicing / delivery notes, stock takes, inter-clinic stock transfers.


Bespoke Reporting:

It is important to note that every implementation will require bespoke reporting such as:

  1. Clinic financial management such as loans, profit and loss statements, patient account management.
  2. Clinical information such as claims, compliance reports, local ministry of health reports, morbidity reports.