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MobiQube (MQ) Platform

The problem:

Data of quality is required to make informed management and clinical related decisions.

One of the many challenges in the world of integrated health care delivery is to provide comprehensive, reliable, relevant, accessible, timely patient information seamlessly to each member of the health care team.

Primary health care has become the cornerstone of delivering health care services to remote areas in developing countries. It is therefore an integral part of a country’s health system, which will in turn contribute positively to the social and economic development of the community.

A recent review published by the World Health Organisation constraints in implementing effective and appropriate primary health care were identified as a major challenge in many countries, specifically because of the lack of evidence-based planning resulting in fewer resources and a lack of essential medicines and supplies (WHO 2008: 62).

Traditional use of paper-based record systems results in many problems such as, but not limited to:

  • Data capturing errors (duplicate data, incorrect data, literacy of the health care provider and transcribing errors);
  • Expensive storage costs;
  • Different format of documents leading to lost information;
  • Inaccurate billing;
  • Increased charting time of patient details;
  • Potential confidentially and security issues with regards to a patient data;
  • Frequent stock outs as the rural clinic does not order in time because of the absence of an “early warning system” for stock outs;
  • Poorly managed orders resulting in irregular delivery of drugs;
  • No system is in place to manage and control adherence to standard operating procedures in diagnosing and treating at the primary health care level;
  • Monitoring and evaluation reports are outdated and over specific time periods trends with regards to disease profiles and the cost and utilisation of treatment and supplies cannot be determined; and
  • Inability to plan properly.

The solution:

In situations where paper-based records are still in use, the challenge therefore remains in obtaining comprehensive, reliable, relevant, accessible, timely and seamless real-time data on patients and their treatment. This challenge served as an impetus to develop the MobiQube (MQ) Platform.  

In order to address the problems experienced by clinicians who operate at the primary health care level, within a network of clinics (NGO, Private or State Facilities), the MQ Platform was developed with the following core components:

MQ m-Health application:


MQ Android Application capabilities

MQ Management Portal:



MQ Management Portal features